Introducing The 90 Second Super Grain Bowl

On the run, and seriously want to eat? Naturally, you need something healthy and that will keep you satisfied. We’ve got your back with our Celebrate Health Super Grain Bowls! We’ve combined seven super grains with other plant based ingredients and created four distinctive products that you are bound to love. They are a 90 second bowl of healthy convenience; what could be better? Well there is one more thing – we have done our due diligence and sourced a unique Bagasse Sustainabowl, which is made from a by-product of sugar cane. The bowl is sustainable, renewable, completely biodegradable and home compostable. Yes we are proud of this achievement.

No Added Sugar • Gluten Free • Vegan • All Natural • Ready to Eat

Celebrate Health is a 1% For the Planet member, and donates 1% of 90 Second Super Grain Bowls revenue to programs around the world focused on reducing the impact of plastic pollution on our environment.

Our Celebrate Health commitment to the future has deepened and our product choice expanded, but importantly our focus on supporting healthy active lives remains unwavering. Celebrate Health is for everyone; all you need to do is relish in eating well and feeling good.