Are the Celebrate Health products being discontinued?
Unfortunately, due to the deletion of their range out of a major retailer, Celebrate Health have had to discontinue some of their range, including their soups, vegan gravy and vegan stock. We are continuing to sell some of the Celebrate Health recipe bases and condiments for now on Auspantry, but unfortunately the remainder of the range has been discontinued altogether.

Are the Celebrate Health products gluten-free?
The Celebrate Health range is always gluten free so you can trust it’s a healthy convenient option to suit your lifestyle and diet requirements.

Do the Celebrate Health products contain any sugar?
The entire Celebrate Health product range is always developed without adding any sugar as an ingredient.

Are the Celebrate Health products organic?
The products that are certified organic include the Cauliflower, Coconut & Turmeric Soup; the Chicken, Chia & Sweetcorn Soup; the Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup and the Chicken Stock.

Is the Celebrate Health packaging recyclable?
Sadly, the pouch packs are not recyclable. This is clearly not ideal or practical and Celebrate Health are searching the globe for a solution. The condiments bottles on the other hand can be placed in your recycling bin at home.

Are the Celebrate products Australian-owned?
All of the Celebrate Health products are made in Melbourne, Australia and are proudly Australian-owned.