NEW Keto Recipe Base Range at Coles

We’ve done it again with our new keto recipe base range! Eating healthy shouldn’t be hard and with our delicious recipe bases, it couldn’t be easier. Find our two new recipe bases in the recipe base aisle at Coles.

With our new range, it’s easy to whip up a healthy dinner that also tastes amazing – and it takes just 20 minutes too! There are two delicious flavours to try including our new Peanut-free Satay, and Green Thai Curry. 

As always, we’ve made sure our new recipe bases are allergy-friendly – even our satay is peanut-free! Our recipe bases are gluten-free, made with no artificial colours or flavours, and no added cane sugar, making them low carb and perfect for people following a ketogenic diet.

Keto Green Thai Curry: Follow the cooking instructions on the back of the back to whip up a low-carb green Thai curry for four people in just 15 minutes! All you need to do is sear some chicken or tofu in a pan, add your favourite vegetables along with 200ml of coconut milk and our green Thai curry recipe base, and you’re good to go!

Keto Peanut-Free Satay: With our peanut-free satay sauce, you can make a veggie-packed satay stir-fry or even BBQ skewers! First soak some wooden skewers in water, then place your favourite meat and vegetables on the skewer. While barbecuing, baste with our satay sauce and drizzle with the remaining sauce before serving.

Find our easy-to-use recipe bases soon in the recipe base at Coles!